OT Dynamics provides Allied Health Services to individuals and organisations. Our Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists are client-centred health professionals concerned with promoting health and well being.

Our therapists work with individuals, families and organisations to achieve
their goals through promoting independence and participation.

Our Focus

OT Dynamics History

OT Dynamics was established in 2002 in Ballarat by Julie Warren. While our main office is located in Ballarat, we also offer occupational therapy services in Ararat, Warrnambool, Beaufort and Skipton.

In addition, we provide mobile therapists who provide services to parts of Western Melbourne and Northern Victoria.

OT Dynamics began as one Occupational Therapist and through quality service and a client-centred approach, our team has grown. We also have a dedicated paediatric service through Dynamic Kids.


  • To support individuals and families to achieve their goals, by providing personalised, high quality, evidence-based therapy. With the aim of enabling independence, wellbeing, communication, and client participation.
  • To ensure a supportive, experienced, inclusive workplace to foster a culture of learning, development, and client participation.


To enable our clients to achieve their potential and to live meaningful connected lives.

  • Service excellence
  • Individualised therapy assessments and intervention
  • Positive client outcomes via individual goal setting
  • Employee development and quality supervision


To provide the best Allied Health Services with positive client outcomes and best value for money.
Our values:

  • Client driven: We are focused on collaborating with clients and fostering connections with important people in their life, to achieve their individual goals in a holistic way.
  • Trust: We aim to support and value every individual by ensuring transparency and honesty.
  • Respect: We are proud of our differences, and we treat every person with respect. We will advocate for the rights of our clients to be respected by others.
  • Team Wellbeing: We nurture our team member’s wellbeing enabling them to support our clients.
  • Lifelong learning: As a team we work collaboratively to foster a culture of learning and development to ensure our clients receive quality care.