Client Charter:

OT Dynamics agrees to:

  • Provide therapy supports that meet the client’s needs in line with their goals
  • Review the therapy supports in a timely manner as agreed to with the client or client’s representative
  • Treat the client with courtesy and respect
  • Consult the client on decisions and how supports are provided
  • Communicate openly, honestly and in a timely manner
  • Listen to the client’s feedback and resolve in a timely manner
  • Contact the client prior to 3pm the day before if there is a change to an appointment.
  • Protect the client’s confidential information in line with Federal & State Govt legislation
  • Provides supports in a manner consistent with all relevant laws; National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013, Australian Health Practitioner Registration Agency and Professional Associations
  • Issue regular invoices for supports to the client

Responsibilities of the client/client’s representative

The Client or Client’s representative agrees to:

  • Discuss with the provider their goals for their therapy supports at OT Dynamics
  • Treat the provider with courtesy & respect
  • Talk to the Provider if they have any concerns regarding the therapy supports being provided
  • Contact the provider prior to 3pm the day before if the client cannot make the appointment; if the notice is not given to the provider then the providers cancellation policy will apply

Cancellation Policy:

We require contact prior to 3pm the day before if you wish to cancel your appointment. This provides the practice with an opportunity to offer the appointment to other clients. If you fail to cancel your appointment prior to 3pm the day before, if we cannot arrange an alternative client appointment we may charge you 90% of the agreed time i.e. If the appointment was agreed to go for 1.5hrs (90% of 1.5hrs).
For TAC and Worksafe clients, the funding body does not cover costs of cancellation, therefore without 24 hour notice, the costs will be the responsibility of the client.