Telehealth services available to you:

Telehealth is the use of video calls for appointments with your therapist. You may have used video calls such as FaceTime or Skype before to speak with friends or family, or seen video calls used on TV when a TV host is interviewing a guest.

Using our Telehealth platform we are able to provide Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology services across Australia.
What happens at an OT Dynamics Telehealth appointment?
At the telehealth appointment, you (and your support person if you choose to have one) will meet your therapist via a secure video link. You will see your therapist on the screen and will be able to talk with them as you would in a face-to-face appointment.


OT Dynamics Telehealth is easy to use on your computer, tablet or mobile. Here are some of the great interactive features
Contact less therapy – our clinicians can deliver therapy without the need for face to face contact.
Convenient – join live audio and video from anywhere brings our therapy services to everyone
Flexible – use your computer, tablet or mobile without the need to create an account.
Interactive – appointments can be interactive through screen sharing and annotations.
Greater access – makes our services more accessible especially for rural and remote clients, accessing services that may be difficult or unavailable.

Is OT Dynamics Telehealth suitable for me?

Telehealth is being used more and more by therapists (as well as doctors and nurses) to provide healthcare when it is not possible to see someone face to face. Researchers have found that in many therapy situations telehealth can be just as beneficial as seeing a therapist face to face, but every person and situation is different. Your therapist will discuss your individual needs further as well as checking whether you or someone with you has the right equipment to use telehealth.

Telehealth funding

Most funding bodies including National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Victorian Transport Accident Commission (TAC), and Medicare now cover telehealth costs for our services. If you are interested in arranging a telehealth session please contact your therapist or our office to confirm your appointment will be funded.
What you need for an OT Dynamics Telehealth appointment
Attending an OT Dynamics Telehealth appointment is easy and your therapist will guide you through setup.

  • A computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone device with a camera. Make sure it is fully charged before the call
  • A headset, or inbuilt microphone turned on in your device
  • A good internet connection of at least 600kbps (up/down) and available data. (*1 hour Zoom call uses approximately 340MB of data*)
  • A quiet, private room that is well lit

Get started with OT Dynamics Telehealth

If you would like to find out more about OT Dynamics Telehealth and how it can benefit you please speak to your therapist or call us on (03) 5338 8932